Sibley’s Super Stars – Weekly Newsletter 1/5/2024

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Happy Friday!

I was overjoyed and ecstatic to have your students in class this week! 🙂 They worked so hard, especially with just coming back from break! I also loved hearing all their stories from break!

New Information:

    • Monday: Opposite Day
    • Tuesday: Tie-Dye
    • Wednesday: FAME (Famous Person or Character)
    • Thursday: Twin Day
    • Friday: School Spirit
    • The 100th day of school is Wednesday, January 17th. If your student would like to participate, we are going to dress up as 100 year olds. 🙂

This Week:

  • We:
    • learned about numbers to 1,000 (in terms of place value…) to start getting into three digit addition and subtraction
    • learned about culture and how kids in other countries are different (in terms of language, food, outfits…)
    • talked about the Chinese New Year and compared/contrasted how it was different than US celebrations

Next Week:

  • Spelling Words: clerk, herd, first, skirt, stir, churn, hurt, burst, work, worse, know, wrist, found, from, today

School Information:

  • Please see my other email regarding music information from our amazing Ms. Cabrera and the field trip next Friday, January 12th.

I am very much looking forward to another wonderful week! Do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions that you may have!


Mrs. Sibley


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