Sibley’s Super Stars – Weekly Newsletter 11/29/2023

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Happy Wednesday!

I was / am overjoyed and ecstatic to have your students in class this week!

New Information:

  • MAP TESTING: We will begin MAP testing tomorrow. These students have been working so hard these past 78 days of them and I am so PROUD of them.
    • Reading: Thursday, 11/30 and Friday, 12/1 at 8:35am
    • Math: Wednesday, 12/6 and Thursday, 12/7 at 8:35am
      • This test is used to collect data on the students so that we can differentiate instruction. These scores grow with them at STCS and can help us see the growth that the student is making.
      • In 2nd grade, the test NO longer reads to them. This is a big change from kindergarten and first grade so please remind your student.
      • Please have them get a good night’s rest & eat a healthy breakfast as they will be starting with the test in the morning.
      • I will be reminding my students as well, but please remind them to TRY THEIR BEST! 😊
  • DECEMBER CONFERENCES: Sign up here for Q2 Parent Teacher Conferences.
  1. All order forms and envelopes need to be returned by Friday, December 1st. Please return envelopes and order forms even if you order online or do not wish to order. ALL order forms and envelopes are required to send off for publishing.
  2. Please make sure you list on the envelope what you have ordered.
  3. Please make sure if you order online, you include the confirmation number on your order form

This Week:

  • We:
    • continued talking about what we can see in the sky in English and read an expository text that taught us more about the sun, moon, and how the earth rotates
    • began our new unit in Math, where we reviewed money. A great activity is helping them count spare change. 🙂
    • continued our holidays around the world. We learned about Germany!

Next Week:

  • Spelling Words: cube, fumes, huge, music, unit, menu, few, pew, fuel, cues, pony, queen, began, come, give

School Information:

I am very much looking forward to another wonderful week! Do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions that you may have!


Mrs. Sibley

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