Sibley’s Super Stars – Weekly Newsletter 11/9/2023

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Happy Thursday!!

I was overjoyed and ecstatic to have your students in class this week! We have been busy!

New Information:

  • DISGUISE A TURKEY PROJECT: Your student will be bringing home a project due on Thursday, November 16th. They will be “disguising a turkey” and writing how they disguised it. I can’t wait to see it! It is always one of my favorite projects!
  • DECEMBER CONFERENCES: Sign up here for Q2 Parent Teacher Conferences.
  • CLASSROOM VOLUNTEERS: Do you want to volunteer in the classroom or hang out with your student at lunch? I’d love to have you! Let me know! You must have your Fingerprint Clearance Card.

This Week:

  • We:
    • In ELA, we discussed how we can help our community and read some interesting non-fiction stories about incredible people.
    • In Math, we continued learning about double digit subtraction and are focusing on regrouping.
      • Subtraction Poem:
        • More on top? – No need to stop.
        • More on the floor? – Go next door and get 10 more.
        • Numbers the same? – Zeroes the game.
    • We learned about Veteran’s Day and read Otto’s Tales Today is Veterans Day! We also wrote a letter to a veteran and discussed why this holiday is celebrated.
    • Tomorrow, we will learn about Diwali, India’s Festival of Light. We will also create our very own Rangoli and read Binny’s Diwali.
    • In Mystery Science, we learned about landslides. We discussed why they happen and what could we possibly to do prevent them from happening in the future.
    • In Art Masterpiece, we learned about Salvador Dali (an artist from Spain) and created our own surrealism painting.
    • In Junior Achievement, we discussed the responsibilities of being part of a community and how we can help make decisions that impact their community for the better. We did an activity where we tried to identify all of the issues that a provided park faced and talked about ways we could improve the park.

Next Week:

  • Our spelling words:
    • light, sight, mind, cry, tie, high, wild, dry, try, lie, hay, steak, begin, those, apart

School Information:

  • VETERAN’S DAY:  There is no school on Friday, November 10th.
  • CHARLIE BROWN THANKSGIVING: Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is on Wednesday, November 22nd. Occurring the day before Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a tradition at San Tan Charter! Dr. and Mrs. Sippel began this tradition in the first Montessori Preschool class with bean soup. The tradition continues for families by bringing their own lunch and eating it picnic style outside as a community and bringing desserts to share. We will open the front doors starting at 10:30am. There is NO drive lane this day and parents will pick up their student from the class.

I am very much looking forward to another wonderful week! Do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions that you may have!


Mrs. Sibley

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