Sibley’s Super Stars – Weekly Newsletter 8/31/2023

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Happy Thursday!

I was overjoyed and ecstatic to have your students in class this week! We have been busy!

New Information:

Past Newsletter Information:

  • Technology Email & Passwords: I have sent an email with every student’s email & password. Please let me know if you have trouble getting them logged in. This login includes: google classroom, games for ELA, games for math, Prodigy (which is a free math game).
  • Weekly Notebooks: I send home their work on Fridays. Please review it as I put notes on them and you can see what we are doing in class. Reach out if you ever have any questions.
  • Field Trips: We will be going on two Field Trips this year. If you want to chaperone (OR VOLUNTEER IN THE CLASSROOM), you MUST get your fingerprint clearance card prior. They take weeks to come in, so please plan ahead.

This Week:

  • We:
    • have learned about why families work and how all members can work together!
    • began Unit 3 in math, which is about double digit addition!
    • learned about the energy of food and how it transfers from the sun, to the plants, to the krill, to the fish & to the sharks!

Next Week:

  • Our spelling words:
    • no new words this week. We will be doing activities to practice past words!

School Information:

Paper Drive

Our annual beginning of the year PAPER DRIVE is in full effect as of yesterday. The class with the MOST points will receive a teacher reward for participating is $150.00 classroom fund. Write your teacher’s name on the paper and send it to the front office. Here is how the points work: White Ream of Paper =3 points

Couple of Important Dates

  • In recognition of International Grandparents Day, we are inviting all Grandparents to attend lunch with their grandchildren campus on September 7th and 8th. Lunch is open for special guests, not just grandparents. Due to space concerns, we are asking hosting two days and we ask that you sign up based on THE STUDENT’s last name.

I am very much looking forward to another wonderful week! Do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions that you may have!


Mrs. Sibley