Weekly Newsletter – 2/25/2022

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Happy Friday!

We have been busy this week! We celebrated Two’s Day on 2/22/2022 with some math games & writing prompts. We wrote about what they think they will be doing in 2/22/2042 (20 years from now), which was fun. We also started doing Out of the Box Thursday – which is where they use their creativity to make part of a picture into something else. They had to use half of a butterfly wing and completely create a different picture as they were not allowed to draw a butterfly.

In English, we read and studied our first biography story. We learned about the life of Cesar Chavez and learned how he was a hero. We also began talking about what can make people heroes. In math, we started learning about three digit addition, which they learned is just like two digit addition with the hundreds place value added. Here was a SILLY but catchy song that we did today.



Please note…

  • I am still waiting for about 4 families to bring their book orders. Even if you do not want to purchase, please make sure to send the completed form with your student. If they lost it, I have extras. 🙂
  • Also, today there will be orders coming home. The school is hosting an art fundraiser, where you can get your student’s artwork printed. 

Next Week’s Curriculum:

We will be continuing with Unit 5 of our Wonders Curriculum. We will be learning about Brave Bessie. Also, we will be continuing out learning about complete sentences and synonyms.

Spelling words: soil, broil, moist, point, toil, oil, toy, joy, coin, noise, crown, mound, I’ll, laugh

Also, we will continue our three digit addition.

Volunteers (Volunteers need Fingerprint Clearance Cards):

Classroom Volunteers: Please email me if you would like to volunteer in the classroom. We could always use help with leading a reading group. 🙂

Continued Learning & Support:

Let me know if you have any questions about: homework, Green Folders, and/or Scholastic LiteracyPro.

School Information:

  • Our 2021-2022 PreK-12 San Tan Yearbooks are on sale  It will include a 15th year commemorative section and options for students and families. Begin planning and designing yours now. Visit our storefront link here: https://store.shopyearbook.com/santan-yb

Please have a wonderful weekend! Do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions that you may have!


Erica Sibley

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